Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to meet your maker...

Word on the street was that Dave Sheppard, the game designer for Asteroids Deluxe was looking for a cabaret version of this fun game. Well I just happened to know where one was. I was put into contact with Dave and he was pretty excited to find out there was one locally. I picked up the game and started the restoration process. The game wasn't exactly collector quality and if this one was going into the home of " The Man " himself , it had to be good.

There was a chunk missing on the left side right above the control panel. The smoked plexi was thrashed. The sides were bad . It needed new paint on the front . It was time to go to work. I had the plexi remade, repainted the coin door and the front, made a patch for the side,put on new black vinyl on the inner edges, put on new wood grain vinyl and a new NOS cp overlay. The monitor was rebuilt and the insides were cleaned up. Nothing but the best for Dave.

I finished up the game and loaded it on to my truck . Dave lived about 45 minutes from me. I delivered the game and was very pleased at his reaction. It was really an honor to restore a game for its creator and to meet Dave and talk about the golden age of Atari.

A picture is worth a thousand words and seeing this still makes me smile. There is a blem in the pic but I assure you the game was pristine ;)

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Francis Mariani said...

This is an excellent story Dave. It must have been really rewarding having been able to restore an AD cabaret for none other than the game's creator. I'm glad that he now has one again to enjoy. Awesomeness.