Saturday, May 23, 2009

Results May Vary...

Are you struggling with a coin-op collecting addiction? Do you fail to see a way out and feel overwhelmed, anxious and as though the people closest to you fail to understand what you are going through? Have you experienced any of the following symptoms:

1. You brought a control panel or playfield along to restore on weekend getaways, trips to the in-laws or even your honeymoon.
2. During Family gatherings and holidays you sneak out to the garage to work on machines.
3. You have called in sick to work on days you are expecting parts in the mail.

These are just some examples of extreme coin-op collecting addiction. You need to understand that this is normal behavior and it is your family and friends that need
treatment to cope with your addiction, not you.

Today is your lucky day. We here at Arcade-Revival have put together a plan for the friends and families of collectors so that they can understand, cope and nurture their loved one appropriately. It is at this time that we request you stop reading, step away, and direct your significant other, family member or friend to the computer so that we may start the procedure.

Dear family member/and or friend of coin-op collector,
This program will help you recognize, understand, and cope with the loss of your loved one to classic coin-op collecting. We regret to inform you that there is absolutely no treatment for him/her and that the recovery rate is less than .01% We understand your loss and have put together a list of actions to take in direct response to those of the loved one. Here are a list of scenarios and the appropriate responses to those actions. We encourage you to implement these immediately. Your family member may seem suspicious at first but will be too consumed by his/her addiction to give it much thought.

Here are some scenarios and responses:
Scenario:The addict is on craiglist or ebay looking for more machines or parts.
Response: Walk away/leave room.

Scenario: At a family gathering you notice the addict is not participating. You eventually locate addict in the garage working on a machine.
Response: Walk away/ leave room.

Scenario: Addict states that instead of going to Mother-In-Law’s for her birthday he is going to stay home and work on a machine.
Response: Get in car/drive away.

Scenario: Addict comes home with new machine that is clearly beyond the household budget.
Response:Walk away/leave room.

Scenario : Addict states he/she plans to attend coin-op show or auction.
Response : Walk away/leave room.

This is the pattern of responses that will help you deal with your loved one’s addiction and lessen the strain of the addiction on your personal relationship with him/her. Repetition is the key to success with this program. Once again, we sympathize with your loss and through this program we feel you can minimize the frustration and helplessness of the situation.Remember, it is you that has the problem dealing with it, not him/her. Good luck. You can now direct the addict back to the computer.

Dear classic coin-op collector,
This should help ease some of your anxiety and lessen the confrontations with your loved ones. Your family and friends reactions to your addiction may seem strange at first. This is normal and will diminish after the first few days. Results may vary.

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